"We enrolled Roxie in the Beginner Obedience class. If you are considering training classes for your fur baby, I highly recommend Malia at Awesome Dog Academy. Malia was very patient with us and teaching Roxie (huskies are stubborn) how to sit, stay, down, leave it, go get it, and a few games to play with Roxie to help with obedience. In addition to the class each week, handouts were provided at each class to take home to practice with our pup dog. We are steady working with Roxie and look forward to future obedience classes to be held!!"

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"We have finished round 1 of obedience training. Malia is so knowledgeable and gives the tools we need to teach our sweet pup. Waylon has come such a long way in a short amount of time by doing what we have learned at home. These classes are well worth more than the cost! "

 We completed the beginner class!! If you want a great trainer this is your place!!! Hank learned so much!!! Malia is very patient and the things we were taught were so easy to carry over into our home environment!! Classes were extremely kid friendly which made helping our girls learn how to take care of a new puppy so easy!!!!  

"I attended and completed the beginner obedience class with my German Shepherd. I was immediately treated like family. The program is fun, interactive and structured. Awesome facilities and awesome people who genuinely care about you and your dog’s success and well being. I’m hooked! 10/10, I’d recommend this facility and staff to anyone!"

When I adopted my Henry, he was very wild and had a lot of issues with separation anxiety. I enrolled him in the basic obedience classes, and he loved it! Malia only uses positive-reinforcement based training, which means that your dog will actually enjoy the training sessions and won't feel punished or frustrated. She has also helped me with several other rescue dogs who needed training. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in search of a great dog trainer!

 I took my puppy Heidi to the new puppy class for potting training, we absolutely loved it! We learned lots of new and helpful things when it comes to potty training! I would definitely recommend classes for anyone with a new pup at home. 

 My chug Daisy went through the beginners class and learned so many tricks! She is a very anxious dog and Malia was so understanding and let us train behind a little wall so Daisy could focus on us and not worry about the other pups in the room! Malia is the best!! 

"Malia Parker and Dave Bundy are just like the name. Awesome. I have learned so much from them. Molly has come so far since her rescue and I have awesome dog academy to thank for that. For anyone looking for a trainer I highly recommend them. They are top notch."

 Malia is a joy and is so knowledgeable about dog behavior .Due to social distancing we had to meet via Zoom. She was so helpful.!

"We have been very happy with our dog’s progress with the help of Malia of Awesome Dog Academy. Our work schedule makes attending group classes difficult, so we were excited to find a trainer that offers private classes. The private classes also help us to focus on particular behaviors that are specific to our dog. He has already shown significant improvement and we are so pleased with the progress. I highly recommend Awesome Dog Academy."

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