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Our training methods are reward-based and are designed to encourage and motivate your dog.

Pawsitive reinforcement dog training.

Closeup of a Black Dog

Our methods are dog and human friendly.

We use positive reinforcement dog training, which is a reward, and management-based training which is the most effective method and the easiest way to approach teaching your dog. Our methods are decidedly dog and people-friendly, with no use of choke chains, as we adhere to an approach that encourages your dog to be motivated to want to learn. Creating a dog that is an enthusiastic student is the easiest and fastest route to helping them achieve success.  We employ the use of clickers to mark the correct behaviors and further encourage your dog. 

Our training classes are for puppies and adult dogs at all learning levels!

Check out our free training tips you can do from home or sign-up for one of our online classes!

Our trainers are awesome and they are ready to meet you and your pup!

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