Our Classes & Services

All puppies must be at least 10 weeks old with 2 sets of shots.

All adult dogs must be current on all shots.

Rescue Puppy

Beginner Obedience Class

1 Hour Per Class

Package of 6 Classes $180

$30 deposit to reserve your spot in class


Our training classes are for puppies and adult dogs. In these classes, your dog will learn commands like Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Watch, Drop It and Leave It. This class also covers behaviors like jumping, chewing, energy management and learning how to walk on a leash properly. At the end of the class, your dog will learn some fun tricks like shake, hoop jumping and more! This class meets once a week for six weeks.


Due to Covid-19 we are only allowing 2 people per dog

Beyond Beginner Class

1 Hour Per Class

Package of 3 Classes $90

Deposit of $30 At Sign Up


An intermediate class for pups who have graduated beginner obedience and are ready to move forward with more difficult behaviors. This set of 3 classes teach behaviors like Stand, Back Up, Door Manners, Behaving at a distance, Touch, and techniques to make your dog's leash walking skills even better! This class is a ton of fun, using games and different props to focus on your dog's behavior.

Golden Dog
Black Dog

Advanced Obedience Class

1 Hour Per Class

Package of 6 Classes $180


 A much more difficult set of classes, advanced class offers behaviors to help dogs and owners pass the AKC Canine Good Citizenship test. This class includes such skills as Heel, Advanced stay, Distraction work, Supervised Separation, Place, and more. In these classes, we are refining your dog's behavior so that they will be well behaved in public locations. Dogs in this class must have completed Beginner & Intermediate class. This is a six-week course.

Private Class

1 Hour with 1 Dog $70

1 Hour with 2 Dogs $85


Having behavioral issues that you need help with? Do you just want one-on-one time with the trainer and your excited dog? Private classes can give you personalized help with your dog's specific problems, with steps that work best for you. Private classes are scheduled as requested and last one hour.

Hungry Dog
Dog Lover

Private Class At Ballard Park

1 Hour with 1 Dog $80


For people who want to work on their dog's behavior in a public setting, we can meet you at Ballard park and help! This is a popular option for people who have already had a few private classes in our facility and are now ready to branch out!

Training at Home

1 Hour $85 - $150

$20 for each additional dog


 Having behavioral issues that you need help with? Do you just want one-on-one time with the trainer in the comfort of your own home? Our trainer can train your dog at your house! Prices vary depending on your location.

Available for the following locations:

Tupelo, Saltillo, Baldwyn, Guntown, Fulton, Mantachie, Mooreville, Plantersville, Pontotoc, Ecru, Endville, Chesterville, New Albany, Blue Springs, Sherman, Okolona, Shannon, Huston, Belmont, Oxford, Tishomingo, Ripley, Hickory Flat, West Point.

Cute Dog
Dogs on a Bench


1 Hour $20


Our tricks classes are one hour long and full of fun! If you're looking for something to do with your dog to help prevent boredom or just to have a great time with them, then this class is for you! They don't have to be a graduate of our other classes to enjoy it - although it does help.

Agility Foundations

1 Hour Per Class

Package of 3 Classes $90

$30 Deposit At Sign Up


This is a three week class open to dogs who have completed our beginner obedience classes.

Agility Foundations is the first part of our Agility for Fun class groupings. In these classes, we will teach behaviors which are important to keep your dog safe during agility while also learning the basics which will make agility fun for everybody! Dogs must complete the foundations class before they can move on to Agility for Fun.

Dog Contest
Dog Friends

Agility For Fun

6 Classes $180
$30 Deposit at Enrollment


In these classes, we introduce your dog to agility equipment, including: Tunnel, A-Frame, Weave Poles, Pause Box, High Walk, Teeter Totter and Jumps.  We teach our dogs how to approach each new piece of equipment and begin moving through courses which have been designed for beginner agility enthusiasts. 

Dog Portrait

AKC Test /

Comfort Test

1 Test $15


 AKC Star Puppy, AKC Canine Good Citizenship, AKC Trick Dog Testing, AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen

COMFORT test for Comfort Creatures and Love on a Leash Therapy Dog groups

Training at Daycare

1 Hour $40


 Drop off your dog for daycare at Unleashed. During their time at daycare, they will have a training session where our trainer works with your dog on the behaviors you need help with. When you pick up your dog, you will receive a write up of the session from the trainer, including information about how you can continue the training at home. This is a separate service from the daycare services and is an additional charge.

Happy Dog
Dog Walk

Dog Walking

20 Minute Walk $20
30 Minute Walk $25
Additional Dog $10

 This service is only available in Tupelo and Saltillo.

Have a trainer come to your home and take your dog for a walk. We work on leash training manners while getting your dog out of the house to sniff and explore the world. Photos of your dog on their walk will be texted to you after each session.