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Free Training Tips

How to stuff a Kong

A short educational video to give you some ideas about how to stuff Kong toys and what you can use in them that is safe for your dog.

Enrichment Toys

A short educational video to give you some ideas about how to beat doggy boredom, using things around the house and some interesting, interactive toys.

Take Great Dog Photos

A short educational video about how to take great photos of your dog using your cell phone.

Bathing Your Dog

In this video, our trainer Malia shows you some tips and tricks for making sure your dog's bath gets the stink out!

Get a Crib Mattress

Crib mattresses are durable, easier to clean and cheaper than many large dog beds from pet stores.

Slow Down Meals

A quick video with different ways you can get your dog to slow down when they eat their meals.

What Colors Can Your Dog See?

Dogs can see more than just black and white. In this video, our trainer Malia uses makeup to show you what colors your dog can see!

Homemade Treats

ADA's Malia Parker and friend Brandy Martin collaborate on making sweet & savory treats for your dog.

The Differences between Service, Therapy and ESA

An important video describing the differences between Service dogs, Therapy dogs and Emotional Support Animals.

Benefits of Doggy Daycare

In this video, our trainer Courtney discusses the benefit of doggy daycare and the differences between dog parks and daycare.

Dog Puzzles

If you're curious about dog puzzles and want o now what they are all about, check out this video

Lick Mats

This brief video shows the different uses and fillings that you can use on lick mats and explains exactly what they are

Kong Alternatives

Three different ways to entertain your dog without using the Kong brand toys

Socializing Your Dog

Watch our trainers pretend to be dogs as we demonstrate the various forms of dog socialization 

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