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Meet Our Trainers. They're Awesome.

Malia Parker

Malia Parker has been training dogs since early 2011. She has extensive experience in the training field, including many breeds with her main focus being the household companion animal. Her goal is to help you have a wonderful relationship with your dog, learn how to teach good manners, to understand canine behaviors, and have a really great time with your pet. She finds the most joy in helping pet parents develop happy and healthy relationships with their dogs that will last a lifetime.

Malia is a certified dog trainer and AKC Evaluator. One of her personal goals is to keep up with the most recent Dog Training breakthroughs and studies, to give you and your dog the best experience possible.


David Bundy

David Bundy has been training dogs since July 2019. His dog, Bueller, works as a therapy dog with Comfort Creatures of Northeast Mississippi. Together, they have also earned all the AKC Trick Dog tests and passed the AKC Canine Good Citizenship test.

David is an AKC Evaluator, VSA certified dog trainer and hopes to work with a variety of breeds and personalities to further expand his experiences as a positive reinforcement dog trainer.

david (1).png

Joylynn Bailey

While studying backstage theatre at MUW she married the love of her life and they both believed a rescue beagle was a Great Idea!  Thus began years of personal study and growth to ensure her fur baby was being raised properly.  After many years of studying Positive Reinforcement and rescuing a few more pups she became a Certified Dog Trainer in 2018.  This gave her the ability to share her knowledge with dog lovers working towards Happy Homes. Furthering her education led to becoming an AKC Evaluator helping the community achieve outstanding goals!! She is currently learning about the benefits of Scent Work and how to train Service Dogs.


Seirrah McGee

Seirrah McGee has been training dogs since a young age, showing breeds in the show ring as well as working breeds, herding and hunting mainly focusing in companionship and agility events.  Her goals are to teach pet parents how to get hands on and learn the best methods to live a long and happy life with their furry companions. She loves agility in her down time with her dogs and teaching as well as sharing the fun sport with others.

Seirrah is an AKC Evaluator certified dog trainer and strives to allow others in getting their campions their CGC and therapy certifications.

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