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Classes for fun

Dogs on a Bench


1 Hour $30


Our tricks classes are one hour long and full of fun! If you're looking for something to do with your dog to help prevent boredom or just to have a great time with them, then this class is for you! They don't have to be a graduate of our other classes to enjoy it - although it does help.

Agility Foundations

1 Hour Per Class

Package of 3 Classes $95

$35 Deposit At Sign Up


This is a three week class open to dogs who have completed our beginner obedience classes.

Agility Foundations is the first part of our Agility for Fun class groupings. In these classes, we will teach behaviors which are important to keep your dog safe during agility while also learning the basics which will make agility fun for everybody! Dogs must complete the foundations class before they can move on to Agility for Fun.

Dog Contest
Dog Friends

Agility For Fun

6 Classes $185

$35 Deposit At Enrollment

This is a six week course which is open to dogs that have completed our Agility Foundations & Beginner Obedience classes.

In these classes, we introduce your dog to agility equipment, including: Tunnel, A-Frame, Weave Poles, Pause Box, High Walk, Teeter Totter and Jumps.  We teach our dogs how to approach each new piece of equipment and begin moving through courses which have been designed for beginner agility enthusiasts. 

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