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Fulfilling Routines

A long fulfilling life depends on many things and chief among them are physical and mental exercise. This is true both of humans and also our four legged companions. We’re all keenly aware that living a sedentary lifestyle leads to health complications down the road but for dogs this situation can also bring out the behaviors we try to avoid the most. Turn those household zoomies into afternoon naps with a few adjustments to your daily routine.

We often forget that these unwanted behaviors are our dog’s way of communicating their needs. Chewing can be from teething but an adult Husky isn’t teething, he may be bored and that has a different fix for the same problem. From the once badger hunting Dachshund to the cattle herding Collies, their very instinct is to work not be on the couch or in a crate. To help relieve the boredom behavior, have a daily workout routine that starts with breakfast. Instead of feeding from a bowl each meal give a puzzle or have a fun with a Sniffari to let your dog work for the meal. This will help mentally stimulate your dog as they earn their food the way their ancestors once did.

Going for walkies is great!! Naturally as humans we walk slower than our companion. All dogs need walks that are enriching with time to smell, relieve themselves and bond with their person. For those that need a little more try having a leash free safe area to play fetch or go find it before the walk. This will help get the first burst of energy out and a bathroom break. Start the walk at a brisk pace with a good energy. Remember that our dogs release energy as they sniff so allowing 3 seconds per smell before moving on will help with mental activity. When your dog is relaxed they’ll more willingly walk at a pace that matches their owner.

Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate with our walking schedule. That is a perfect time to bond with your bestie!! If it is raining, icy or too hot take this as an opportunity. Playing with our dogs is very important. What is fun for us is learning for them and building our bond. They are learning what is acceptable and when is too far. Hearing laughter and feeling love. Tug of War, hide and seek, freeze, find it and training are all great ways to mentally and physically activate your dog while connecting with them. There are also interactive games to keep pupper busy while you are too. From interactive balls to freezer toys, your dog will love the selection available in stores and online.

Let frustration from doggy boredom be a past problem for you. Have a daily routine that compliments your dog’s energy level so naps rule the house hold!!

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