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Does Your Dog Know Sit?

Lets test your dog's knowledge and see just how well your dog knows sit!

Rules of the game:

You can say the cue one time, the dog must comply with the cue within 5 seconds

Human Positions:

  1. Dog sits with you standing and holding their hands over their head

  2. Dog sits while you stands on a chair

  3. Dog sits while you sit on a chair

  4. Dog sits while you sit on the floor

  5. Dog sits while you lay on a bed or couch

  6. Dog sits while you lay on the floor

Dog Positions:

  1. Dog sits in front of you

  2. Dog sits to the side of you

  3. Dog sits behind you

  4. Dog sits after starting in a down position


  1. Dog sits on 3 different surfaces - Grass, Carpet, Tile, Concrete

  2. Dog sits on a couch or chair

  3. Dog sits on raised platform

  4. Dog sits in the shower or bathtub

  5. Dog sits in car - on a seat or floorboard

  6. Dog sits under a table


  1. Dog sits before food bowl is put down

  2. Dog sits before door is opened

  3. Dog sits before exiting crate

  4. Dog sits before petting

  5. Dog sits before a toy is thrown

  6. Dog sits before sniffing interesting scents

  7. Dog sits at intersection/light before crossing the road


  1. Dog sits while you hold their collar

  2. Dog sits on hand signal only

  3. Dog sits with door open

  4. Dog sits with mild toy distraction

  5. Dog sits with another dog in the room

  6. Dog sits with another dog playing in the room

  7. Dog sits in the rain

  8. Dog sits while traffic passes by

  9. Dog sits while bicycle/skateboard passes by

  10. Dog sits while child runs by

  11. Dog sits while dog passes by


  1. Dog sits automatically in heel when you stop

  2. Dog sits with handler 10 feet away

  3. Dog sits mid walk without stopping

It's harder than you'd think, huh? This game really helps drive home the idea that dogs need you to train them in all sorts of different positions, locations and during strange events so that we can ensure that the dog actually understands what you want from them. Dogs cannot generalize like people, so practicing this simple game now can help ensure that your dog behaves when you need them to.

Let us know how your dog did!

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