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Human Food for Dogs?

As summer heats up, the air is filled with more than humidity, there is all of the

excitement of camping, swimming and cookouts with loved ones and canine bestie may

find their nose exploring smells better left alone. The temptation is real!! Not just for

them. Those puppy eyes are hard to resist and if someone is visiting they may not know

the risks involved with feeding human foods to pets. Set summer up for success by

letting everyone know what is safe from the start with these helpful guidelines!!

Yes Please!!

 Apples contain vitamins A and C and have fiber making them excellent for seniors or

overweight dogs. The core and seeds should be removed before eating.

 Blueberries are packed with antioxidants, fiber and phytochemicals giving them the

ability to prevent cell damage in humans and canines. Try freezing them for a fun

summer snack!!

 Carrots are an excellent natural chew for dogs to help clean their teeth while getting

vitamin A and fiber.

Celery is a natural crunchy chew pack with vitamins A, B, and C that will keep dogs

healthy as it freshens their breath.

Corn is safe for dogs to eat, but the cob is not. Digesting cobs is harmful and can lead

to blockages and surgeries.

 Cucumbers are fantastic for dogs that are a little on the heavy side!! They have vitamins

K, C, and B1, as well as, potassium, copper, magnesium and biotin. Having good

nutrients isn’t the only benefit this delicious treat offers as they hold nearly zero

carbohydrates, fats, or oils.

 Eggs are a great source of protein for dogs so longs as the egg is cooked all the way

through to prevent biotin deficiency from the egg whites being under cooked.

 Fish come in all shapes and sizes!! These delicious treats are full good fats and amino

acids, especially salmon due to its extra vitamins and proteins. Fish should always be

fully prepared by removing all of the bones and thoroughly cooking before feeding it to

dogs. Also note that this is a treat: 1-2 per week. No Raw Fish!

 Green Beans of all types are fantastic for dogs when they are plain with no seasonings.

This low calorie with high vitamins and minerals treat can be offered in a variety of ways

as long as they are low/no salt product as dogs do not process salt well.

 Honey is not only wonderful for humans, but extremely beneficial for dogs as well!! In

just a little honey dogs receive vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, potassium, magnesium,

copper, and antioxidants. Honey can help with allergies and is also used topically for

burns and cuts.

 Oranges can be Fun!! Will your dog like it?? This is a strong smell that some dogs do not

prefer even though it is safe to eat the pulp as a great source of vitamin C. Always

remove the seeds. Dogs should not be offered the peel as their digestive systems

cannot properly process these.

 Peanut Butter is an excellent way to keep puppies entertained and reward any dog for a

job well done! This creamy snack is full of heart- healthy fats, vitamins B and E, niacin

and protein. Some peanut butter contains xylitol- this is a substitute sugar that is often

toxic to dogs. Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter or Raw unsalted Peanut Butter are two

safe options.

 Popcorn?? When cooked properly popcorn is a vitamin rich snack that is good for a

dog’s eye health and digestion. Always give thoroughly popped kernels to prevent

choking hazards and supervise while eating. Popcorn should be Air-popped, Un-Salted

and Un-Buttered.

 Pumpkin is a healthy choice when it is pure and has no seasonings. Pumpkin not only

benefits dog’s skin and coats but also provides digestion aid especially when diarrhea or

constipation is involved. There are canned options available specifically for dogs that are

pure with no seasonings.

 Watermelon is a delightful summer treat!! Fresh or frozen it is bursting with vitamin A,

B6, C, and potassium all while being 92% water helping dogs stay hydrated a fun new

way!! Dogs should not be offered seeds or rinds due to choking and intestinal hazards.

 Wheat or other grains are perfectly safe so long as there isn’t an allergy. Talk to your vet

to see which option is best for your dog.

In Moderation

 Bananas are a very sweet snack that should be given in rare amounts even with the

benefits they bring with high potassium, vitamins, fiber, biotin and copper.

 Brussel Sprouts have nutrients and antioxidants that dogs benefit from. Be careful

feeding them too many as some dogs will get the side effect of a gassy belly.

 Cantaloupe is low in calories and high in nutrients with lots of water and fiber however

this excellent summer treat is also high in sugar and should be given in moderation

especially if there are weight concerns or pre existing health issues.

 Cheese is a pup favorite making the low fat variety, such as Mozzarella, a must while

keeping to moderate amounts.

 Ham is high in sodium and fat. If you are going to share ham please do so sparingly.

This should not happen often and seen as a very rare treat.

 Mango gives dogs the opportunity to have vitamins A, B6, C, and E while also getting

potassium, beta-carotene, and alpha-carotene. This is a very sweet treat and should be

given rarely. Only give the meat of the fruit. Dogs should not chew on the pit due to

choking hazards and the small amounts of cyanide it contains.

 Peas must be of a specific type: Green Peas, Snow Peas, Sugar Snap Peas, Garden,

and English Peas are ok in moderation because of the vitamins and nutrients they offer.

These should always be fresh or frozen as canned peas tend to add sodium which is

hard for dogs to process.

 Peaches are a fantastic fruit with lots of vitamin A and fiber they have also been found to

fight infections. As with other fruits, dogs cannot have the pit, as it contains cyanide and

can lead to choking. Peaches should be fresh or frozen as canned peaches have

syrups that are bad for dogs.

 Pears are a fruit with health benefits being nutrient rich in vitamins C and K, copper, and

fiber. This treat should always have the seeds and pit removed as those are harmful to

dogs. Pears should be fresh or frozen as canned pears have syrups that are bad for


 Peanuts themselves are a great treat in moderation! Dogs should not have salted

peanuts as their bodies do not process salt well and should really only have peanuts

every once in a while even though they do have protein and good fats these treats can

risk pancreas issues and weight gain.

 Pineapple is another mineral rich sweet treat that has a particular enzyme that is helpful

for dogs, bromelain. Bromelain makes it easier for dogs to absorb protein. When offering

this treat, remove the peel and crown. Pineapple should be fresh or frozen to avoid

syrups that are bad for dogs.

 Pork is a highly digestible protein full of amino acids and calories that is often less likely

to cause allergies than other proteins.

 Shrimp are vitamin rich without being heavy on dogs, however, these little guys should

only be given every once in a while. Always cook thoroughly, remove shell, tail, head,

and legs.

 Raspberries are low in sugar and calories but high in vitamin C, magnesium and fiber

making these small treats a great snack for seniors as they act like an anti-inflammatory.

 Strawberries are an excellent treat filled with vitamin C and fiber, this threat goes even

further with a special enzyme that whitens dog’s teeth as they eat them!! Strawberries

are also packed with sugar and should be given in moderation.

 Turkey is often cooked with seasonings and onion or garlic. This is not ok for dogs.

Turkey that is prepared without seasoning’s and is the meat only is safe for dogs –no

skin, fat or bones. Poultry bones of all types are not to be chewed on by dogs as these

bones splinter and create choking or intestinal hazards.

No thank you!!

 Almonds are not so much a toxin hazard as a choking hazard. These nuts are very

difficult to chew and as they do they splinter which can cause tearing when swallowed. If

salted they also create water retention which stresses heart related issues.

 Asparagus is not unsafe for dogs, but it also has no benefits once cooked which it needs

to be since it is too tough to be eaten raw.

 Avocados are a go to healthy choice for humans, however, persin is a toxin that causes

upset stomach for dogs. This is found throughout the fruit not just in the pit and rind.

 Cherries contain cyanide which disrupts cellular oxygen transport so their cells aren’t

getting enough oxygen. If you notice that your dog has eaten cherries be watchful for

signs of cyanide poising that include: red gums, difficulty breathing and dilated pupils.

 Chocolate is for humans only!! Even small amounts of methylxanthines, caffeine, and

theobromine are toxic substances for dogs which are found in chocolate, cause diarrhea

and vomiting while speeding up their nervous system. Large amounts have more severe

side effects. The type of chocolate, amount, size and breed of dog are all factors. One

square of chocolate can cause harm. Contact your vet immediately if your dog ingested


 Garlic is of the Allium family though it is 5 times more toxic than the others. The side

effect may not show for a few days so if you suspect your dog has eaten garlic look for

sign of weakness, elevated heart rate, pale gums and collapse.

 Grapes/ Raisins are extremely toxic to all dog types leading to acute sudden kidney

failure. Keep out of reach at all times.

 Ice cream is a delicious summer treat for human kids only!! Well… and those eager

adults. There is too much sugar in ice cream for dogs, as well as, intolerance to lactose

that some dogs may build with age. Frozen treats are a great way to beat the heat…

when they are safe!!

 Mushrooms found in the wild can not only be toxic, but fatal to dogs. Fungi are best left

alone in all cases.

 Onions are a very poisonous plant for dogs and especially cats, coming from the Allium

family they cause extreme upset stomach and damage to red blood cells.

 Tomatoes contain a toxin called solanine which can makes dogs sick depending on the

amount ingested and is best left alone.

Let the excitement of summer live on without fear!! Have everyone follow safe rules

when handing out treats and enjoy exploring all types of delightful dishes knowing Fido

is safe in all settings and ready for more fun.

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