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New Year Resolutions

It is that time of year where we create resolutions for ourselves. We attempt to improve our lives in the new year and hopefully stick with them to reach our goals. While many of us may resolve to do better with spending, to lose weight, and many other things, it is time to think about our dogs too.

This year, my lab Thor has the following resolutions:

  1. Sniff more things

  2. Play more games

  3. Keep the teeth clean

As his owner, I have to help him reach his goals! There are plenty of ways I can help him succeed, so lets discuss the options.

  1. Sniff more things - We can do this with multiple methods. I can take Thor for more walks and let him wander. I can take him on different paths so that he finds new things to sniff during our walks. I can rub random scents in various places in my back yard to provide him a sniffing extravaganza. Why do I want to encourage him to sniff more things? Because sniffing stimulates his mind which keeps him tired, calm and happy.

  2. Play more games - Similar to sniffing more things, playing more games keeps his mind active and helps him feel confident. Games can come in a variety of options depending on my budget. I can invest in dog puzzles which are constructed for Thor to figure out and help with slow feeding. I can make my own puzzles using things in my own home. We can play fetch, tug, sniffing games in the back yard to keep him active.

  3. Keep the teeth clean - Dental health is hugely important for our dogs. Thor is a lab which means that I have an easier time than smaller dog owners do. Small dogs have teeth which are more crowded in their mouths and this causes a higher amount of build up. Dental health is also important because of the amount of bacteria in their plaque. This bacteria is capable of getting into their bloodstream via the gums which can cause further health problems. So how will I approach this? Chewing activities! Thor loves Yak Cheese chews which help keep his teeth pearly white. We also have buffalo & beef tendon braids as well as toys designed for chewing. What else can I do? I can invest in some foaming dog toothpaste, or even a traditional dog toothbrush kit. I'll probably go the foam path (because I'm lazy) which means that before Thor goes to bed, I'll give him a pump of toothpaste on each side of his mouth before he goes to sleep.

These goals are simple, easily attainable and help strengthen the bond I have with my dog. Yes, there will be some money spent, but depending on the options I choose, it doesn't have to be too costly. Thor will be kept active, he will be stimulated mentally, he will be calmer, more confident, happy and healthy. His resolutions will improve his life like he improves my own life.

So...does your dog have resolutions?

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