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Other Resources

Here you can find PDFs that cover other issues you may come across during your training lessons.

These files can help you guide your students on a positive path.

Dogs & Babies

Dogs & Cats

Flying with Your Dog

Emotional Support Animals

Preventing Separation Anxiety

Sizing an Easywalk Harness

Natural Treats

Lick Mats

Muzzle Training

Dogs & Visitors

Therapy Dog Goals

Excess Weight in Dogs

ESA / Therapy Dog 

Active Disengagement

Avoid Bites

Car Issues

Encouraging Engagement

Fear Responses

Human Food

Mixed Messages

Negative Associations

Newly Adopted

Off Leash Approach

Over Arousal & Stress

Reactivity Distance

Reactivity Positions

Rescued Dogs


Second Dog

Self Soothing

Switching Off

Teenaged Dogs

Visiting Your Home

Window Reactivity

Fixation VS Looking

Playing or Pushy

Introducing Dogs

Training Stages

Wind Issues

Car Socialization

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